Documentary photography and writing

A Burmese tale - Beyond the Golden Land

Burma, nowadays internationally recognised as Myanmar (from the pre-colonial name of the country) became sadly known in the past years as a consequence of the dramatic humanitarian crisis which caused the displacement of nearly 1 million Rohingya, a Muslim minority living in the Rakhine state. Yet,  this is only one of the many instances of clashing and fighting opposing the national army to various ethnic military factions, which have arisen since the Independence of the country from British colonial rule (1948) inside a country composed by more than 100 different ethnic groups.

Ethnic and regional conflicts are just some of the elements which contribute in the making up of the complex Burmese mosaic.  

A country which has been recently freed from a military dictatorship lasted more than 50 years but where the army is still detaining the control of various strategic ministries and 25% of parliament seats.
An extremely poor country, in which more than three third of the population live under the poverty line, with a relevant gap between rural and urban areas.
A country characterised by strong contrasts, within which the encounter of modernity and tradition create a complex and multifaceted reality, which this selection tries to portray.


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