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Camilla Macciani (1994) is a freelance photographer and recent MA graduate in Anthropology and Sociology. She grounds her photographic practice in the social documentary field, combining activism, academic and photographic research. She develops long-term projects in close contact with small communities of people, in order to establish a relation of trust with her subjects. Both her academic and photographic work are shaped by the willingness to investigate the impact that socio-economic and political forces have on the life and subjectivity of those who are left at the “margins of history”, in an attempt to contribute to the Gramscian mission of writing, through words and light, the history of subaltern groups.

Pursuing her education in anthropology and migration, she recently graduated from SOAS University of London with a MA in Migration and Diaspora studies. Her interest in migration comes from the status of the ‘migrant’ in contemporary political debates, a figure representing the ‘Other’ par excellence. In this regard, she believes photography can play a major role in revealing the humanity of those subjects which dominant discourses often tend to de-humanise and categorize.


Suspended lives - glances into the everyday life of a reception centre

November 2019 - Biblioteca comunale di Laveno Mombello, in the context of the event "Quando la sabbia ricade sulle dune del cuore" with Emergency and Refugees Welcome, Laveno Mombello (VA), Italy. 

March 2019 - Museo delle Spartenze, Villafrati (PA), Italy.

March 2019 - TGR Mediterraneo - Con gli occhi di Camilla 

reportage of Davide Camarrone on my work in S. Cristina Gela. 

Available at: (from min. 17.52)

February 2019 - Istituto Gramsci Siciliano, Palermo, Italy. 

A Burmese tale - Beyond the Golden Land

September 2018 - Mò Sì B&B, Firenze, Italy. 

STAMIRA - Collective exhibition 

May 2018 - La Pinacoteca di Jesi, Jesi, Italy. 

Fotografando la Musica National Contest - Collective exhibition

October 2016 - Montopoli Val d'Arno, Italy.